4D MODULES Available for Golf Coaches

1-Sensor Club Golf Module – Coach

1-Sensor Sway Golf Module – Coach

1-Sensor Golf Chest Module – Coach

1-Sensor Golf Hip Module – Coach

2-Sensor Golf Wrist Module – Coach

2-Sensor Golf Kinematic Sequence Module – Coach

4-Sensor Golf Kinematic Sequence Module – Coach

What is a 4D Module?

  • Modules are smaller components of the full 4D Motion systems that you can buy individually, focusing on a particular aspect of movement, such as Kinematic Sequence, real time biofeedback, torso speed and stability, or hip interactions. Modules are available for Golf, Baseball and Softball.
  • Each module provides just the relevant information you need, on one screen, in an easy-to-read format.
  • Each module is developed in partnership with a highly qualified coach or industry expert. Every module includes a video on how to set it up, understand the data provided and drills on how to improve/optimize the movement based on the performance data.
  • Each module is affordably priced in one-year licenses. For less than the price of a full system, you can choose just the modules you want to customize your 4D Motion system with only the features you need. After a year, renew or choose different modules. Need more than one module? We have great discounts for you.
  • Modules systems start at $230 for players and $280 for coaches. Already own a 4D Motion system? You can add individual modules starting at $45

Instructor Product Details and Packages

6 Sensor Set

The 6 Sensor set is ideal for those upgrading from the 1 or 4 Sensor system or for those already familiar with 3D Motion capture or biomechanics. 6 modular sensors allow many configurations for both the upper and lower body. The modularity means that each sensor can go on any body part and the sensors can even be split up to work with several students simultaneously. Bio-feedback, scorecard, full kinematic sequence and much more. This system includes the second generation sensors employing Bluetooth 4.2 for improved performance.


  • 6 Gen2 sensors
  • 1 charging dock/case with mini-USB cable
  • 9 straps
  • 2 clip mounts (for glove, belt and/or cap)
  • 1 club mount
  • Carrying Case

Operating system:

  • iOS 10 and above

Price: $2,450

Out of Stock

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